At Colorado Communiqué, we implement a proactive approach and project structure designed to successfully achieve and maximize the objectives of our clients. Colorado Communiqué offers the following array of services:


  • LOBBYING – Influence public officials and members of the legislative body on legislation and regulations.
  • LEGISLATIVE AND REGULATORY MONITORING – Review legislation to identify bills of interest to the client and prepare a personalized bill tracking system.
  • LEGISLATIVE AND REGULATORY STRATEGIES – Create and implement a comprehensive strategy base on an assessment of the political/economic environment to ensure the most effective and efficient advocacy on a specific legislative or regulatory issue.
  • ISSUE ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT – Research, analyze and report on the legislative history and current status of an issue/bill.
  • ISSUE MESSAGE DEVELOPMENT – Create persuasive and strategic messages to mobilize support.
  • DRAFT LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS AND TESTIMONY – Research, draft and present legislation/regulations and provide testimony before legislative and administrative officials.
  • COALITION BUILDING – Identify and form coalitions among similarly situated groups and organizations to galvanize the necessary support.
  • STATE AND LOCAL PROCUREMENT – Identify contract opportunities, initiate organization and planning for proposals, provide guidance through the request for proposal (RFP) process, facilitate meetings with key elected and appointed government officials.


  • INITIATIVE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT/STRATEGY – Provide management of all campaign activities including, press, fundraising, paid communications, and visibility.
  • ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT – Administer all association activities including membership communication, seminar/meeting planning, recruitment, PAC fundraising and distribution, etc.
  • MEMBERSHIP COMMUNICATION – Increase membership interest, support and involvement within the organization or association through updates in membership communication.
  • PAC DEVELOPMENT AND ADMINISTRATION – Advise clients on the political and legal implications of creating and administering Political Action Committees (PACs) and assist in developing fundraising strategies.
  • GRASS ROOTS CAMPAIGNS – Coordinate comprehensive grass roots campaigns that effectively and efficiently utilize resources to organize and motivate supporters.


  • MEDIA RELATIONS AND TRAINING – Position clients as experts with appropriate editors and reporters and conduct training sessions to prepare clients for interviews.
  • COMMUNITY RELATIONS – Raise the level of awareness and support of the corporation, organization or association.
  • MESSAGE DEVELOPMENT – Craft clear and persuadable messages that properly position the client with the public, community and media.
  • PRESS CONFERENCE COORDINATION – Organize high profile events that create a public forum for communicating key issues to the media.
  • NEWS RELEASE PREPARATION – Develop news releases that effectively frame an issue and communicate clear messages to successfully inform, persuade and influence identified target audiences.
  • EDITORIAL BOARD MEETING ORGANIZATION – Facilitate and secure media coverage by planning and attending editorial board meetings.
  • LETTER TO EDITOR/OP-ED PIECE DEVELOPMENT – Identify appropriate and effective communications vehicles, and draft and disseminate language to publicize issues while properly positioning clients.


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