The cornerstones of an effective relationship between Colorado Communiqué and our clients include:


Colorado Communiqué provides the highest level of strategic analysis, implementation and access to government officials necessary to achieve the objectives and aims of our clients. However, this is simply the first step.

Maintaining an active and dynamic partnership with the entities we represent directly increases our likelihood of ensuring beneficial government decisions. A well-briefed client delivering a timely, targeted, persuasive message to the key decision makers is the most effective way to garner influence and meet objectives.


Success in the complex and rapidly changing legislative environment demands mutual trust between lobbyist and client. Colorado Communiqué and our clients must share the belief that each is working in concert to achieve the defined legislative goals. We work closely and honestly with those we represent analyzing needs, offering effective solutions, and, most importantly, providing straightforward and realistic assessments of probabilities of success.


Colorado Communiqué understands that success depends on our knowledge of our client’s organizational structure, areas of legislative interest, long-term strategic plan, and immediate legislative, budgetary and regulatory needs. Likewise to best employ the resources our client’s have available to achieve a winning effort, we ensure that key personnel and leaders have a sufficient understanding of the pertinent government process, the political climate, and the recommended government relations strategy.


In many instances, success or failure can depend on rapid response to a sudden change in the legislative environment. Although each client has an identified principal contact, all of Colorado Communiqué’s full-time lobbyists will be knowledgeable on individual client issues and the status of those issues.

In addition, the firm is extremely careful to manage and limit our client load so that every client receives full representation.


As a results-oriented firm, Colorado Communiqué never forgets that our clients have defined goals and our job is to help reach those objectives. We take pride in our record of success and invite conversation with existing clients for confirmation.


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